Co-Parenting and reunification counseling at the Parenting Institute in Pittsburgh

About the Parenting Institute


Who we are

The Parenting Institute in Pittsburgh is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation founded by Robert M. Wilson, PhD, Anthony McGroarty, Psy D, and Lynn MacBeth, Esquire. Our purpose is to provide conflict resolution services to families in transition by offering co-parenting and reunification counseling at reduced fees on a sliding scale basis.


What you can expect

We are excited to guide you on your journey to healthy co-parenting.  In our documents section you will find the intake packet to fill out for your first session at the Parenting Institute. Your first session will be an individual session in which we discuss your information and get "caught up" a bit about what has brought you to co-parenting or reunification and what you hope to get out of the experience. If you are seeing us for co-parenting, after each of your individual sessions have been completed, we will begin having sessions in which we are all together,  If you are seeing us for reunification, after each of your individual sessions are complete, we will begin seeing the reunifying parent and child/children together.


Our Focus

  The focus of our sessions will include:

* Developing skills for joint-decision making

* Reducing family conflict

* Acquiring effective communication skills

* Establishing healthy boundaries

* Designing appropriate custody schedules

* Reducing your need to go to court

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!